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We are set up to Mill parts up to 16,000 lbs and to Turn parts up to 22,000 lbs with a Max height of 63" and a Max Diameter of 74"



We are a precision CNC Machine Shop servicing the Energy/Oil and Gas Industries. Our extensive knowledge and experience is with all equipment both Offshore and Land. We also specialize in all overlay, including Inconel, Stainless Steel, and Stellite.



Safety is always our number one concern for our Customers, Vendors, and our Team. Our dedication to a safe work environment is developed as a culture rather than a requirement. We evaluate and eliminate any and all risks and continue researching for the safest procedures.


Rig Down? Scheduling Conflicts? We are here to Help with


Our Proffessional and Experienced Team here at Offshore CNC are here to assist with Solutions, Services, and produce Results. We are ready to sit down and discuss any project no matter how difficult, large or small. Our doors are open around the clock to support any and all Urgent Needs such as Rig Downs and scheduling conflicts.


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