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Consulting/Programming Services


Offshore CNC is always looking for ways to further build our relationship and trust with our customers. Helping to resolve issues or solve problems with our vast experience or services helps us do just that. Below is a small list of possibilities for services that are in the highest need. If it has to do with machining, manufacturing, inspection, fabrication, or programming your own machines, we can help.

CNC Programming

     We offer Simple to Advanced programming assistance for both Lathe's and Milling. Whether your programmer quit on you, or you want a second opinion on run time to see if you are utilizing your every resource to make a part as cost effective and quick as possible, we are here to help you with your needs.

Custom Drafted Drawings

     We are not engineers but we are Great Draftsmen who can make an advanced 3-d Assembly drawing that moves, to a simple drawing you can use if you just want to make a stack up or comparison. This can be submitted to an Engineer for Approval and save you a ton of money of the Drafting. Drafting is Guaranteed or we will make any changes required by the engineer in charge.

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