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Our History

Offshore CNC was strategically built to cater to the fast paced Oil & Gas Industry for both Offshore and Land Rig Equipment. We understand what is required if you want to compete in this market and we take on the challenge with a very agressive approach all while incorporating continual process improvements and quality in to our daily routine.
Our Goals

The team and Management at Offshore CNC are always focused on the one key that will help us grow and that is Customer Satisfaction. We build on that relationship through continual process improvements and a quality management system that meets or exceeds our customers needs. We will also continue to improve our team's abilities, capabilities, and structure to bring down costs and stay competative.


    Would you like a tour of the facility or to discuss any projects we may be able to help with? Let's meet" 

Our Experience

* Flanges - API and ANSI up to 112" in diameter


* B.O.P. Ram-Type Bodies and components from all manufactures                                                          (Doors, Bonnets, Ram Blocks, Hinge Brackets, Replaceable Seats, Door Bolts,etc)


* B.O.P. Spherical-Type Components from all manufacturers

(Upper Housings, Adapter Rings, Pistons, Locking Rings and Segments)


* Wellhead, Wireline, & Downhole Tools


* Crossover subs


* Mud Pump and Draw Works


* And many other areas of Oil&Gas, both Land and Subsea, as well as Energy and Mining

 We are able to machine to your material or turnkey solutions if needed (Material, Coating, Grinding, etc.)

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