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Quality Policy


Offshore CNC’s Machining and Consulting Quality Policy:

     Offshore CNC’s commitment to our customers is to implement the highest quality, experience, and reliance to meet and exceed our customer requirements. The quality management system we strategically follow, meets all of the ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements. Our focus on customer needs for both quality and timeliness implemented include:


  • Quality and conformance are the responsibility of every employee.

  • Continuous Process Improvement on every levelMeasuring Instruments and machinery will be calibrated routinely and as required, or requested by our customers.

  • Customers unexpected needs for urgencies and high priorities rushed products will be assisted 24/7 to the best of our ability.

  • Product will be properly scheduled for on time deliveries.

  • Customers will be updated on their product throughout processes.

  • Management and facility will be available to our customers for review, updates, and visits any time that is requested.


      Offshore CNC was built around the fast paced oil and gas industry, and the whole team at Offshore CNC was strategically built to cater those needs with extensive training and understanding of what is required. This combination will achieve success for both our customers and our team with the highest concern for quality and safety.

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